The Life of a Multi-Jobber

Or: Why There’s No Schedule to My Posts

One full time job is plenty for most people, even when you love your work. When you are grateful for but generally just tolerant of the work you do, it can get a bit overwhelming. Add to that a part-time consulting gig, trying to be a ‘real’ writer, and occasionally¬†having a social life (as a ‘being around people drains me to no end’ introvert) and making time for other activities (say, blogging and cooking, for instance) becomes difficult.

I’ve got two recipe posts on the back burner, so to speak. And several other food/lifestyle posts, too. In the meantime, it’s been all I can do to occasionally snap pics of my non-delivery, non-third-salami-sandwich-this-week culinary experiments.

These aren’t so much recipes as my throwing together items I have around or bought at a store on a whim and decided to ‘make something’ of them.


Cinnamon waffles with apple. Easiest thing to make, made delicious because of absurdly delicious (and cheap) cinnamon waffles and in-season apples.


Improv chicken pasta ‘alfredo’ — which is really just leftover grilled chicken, tri-color penne, and a sauce of delicious butter, cream cheese, pasta water and a pinch of spice. Oh, and Dollar Tree garlic toast which is INSANELY good for the price. You could add whatever veggies you wanted and health it up, but I was on a major starch kick…


OK, it’s not cooking. Not food, technically. But it was on sale and is pretty delicious single malt for $17… It’s not all about making things yourself. Sometimes you let the pros take over.


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