Craving Oddities

Or: Trash Food Cravings Aren’t Limited to Take-Out


Food Stuff:
Shredded, cooked chicken (a good handful, or more if you really want chicken)
1 small can tomatoes with green chilies
4oz Velveeta
Shredded Sharp Cheddar (or other cheese, whatever you feel like)


Tools needed:
Small baking dish
Cooking spray/greaser
No shame

Make It:
Preheat oven to 350. Grease your baking dish. I used a mini bread loaf pan and it was a great size. Add in chicken, about 1/3 of the can of tomatoes & chilies, and the velveeta (I used a velveeta sauce packet, but you could use the chunk velveeta and just cut it into small cubes). Mix together. Cover with shredded cheese. Bake for 10-15 minutes until heated through and getting bubbly. If you like, broil it for 3-4 minutes for a crispy top. Let it cool for a minute or two, then dig in with chips and do not hate yourself.

Things I Learned:

  • Sometimes you need to just say ‘eff it’ and give into a craving.
  • Better a $4 Dollar Tree trash dinner than a $15-20 delivery one. At least you’re saving money and for a few minutes you’re doing more than sit on your but waiting for food.
  • Residual guilt aside, this is really easy, tasty, and would be great as an appetizer with more people to help eat a larger portion. You can distribute the calories and the guilt.

The Story:
After a week full of way more delivery food than one human should allow themselves, I was determined yesterday to actually cook something. On my way home, I needed to stop at Dollar tree for a few things, and upon seeing a random can of tomatoes & chilies was struck with an instant, powerful craving. I wanted a cheesy chicken dip for dinner. That, and only that, would make me happy.

It’s not healthy, but it is cheap and homemade, so I went with it. Yes, there are healthier things you could do with this, but when you’re talking cheesy dips, there’s only so healthy you can get. And sometimes you just have to give into a craving.

It should be noted that the way the recipe is written is for a hefty single serving. This was my dinner and I was very full after it. I could have used more cheese, chicken, and the whole can of tomatoes & chilies for a larger dish, and so can you. I do not recommend using more than what is listed as a meal to feed a single human — nor do I recommend eating something like this frequently. It’s delicious, and taste often overcomes guilt, but it’s really not something that can ever be considered healthy. So, you know, indulgence in moderation.



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