Sweet ’16

Or: It’s a New Year and I’m the Same Old Me

Well, yes and no. 2015 did a lot to shape views and goals and outlooks on a lot of things. Heading into 2016, I’m coming out of a clustermess of a final three months of the last year trying to remember who I am and who I want to be. Along those lines, food has either been a gluttonous feast or just shoving whatever I can into my face to keep going. Examples include…


Kolache – My mom and I made two batches of it, because I ate most of the first batch in two days. Really.

Eating out… and out… and out.


And occasionally making/documenting food I actually made myself. (I am particularly proud of my first frittata.)

Moving forward, I am currently unemployed, again, so upcoming recipes/accounts will be tied to broke cooking until gainful employment is obtained and I can once again splurge on things like fresh fruits, veggies, chicken, and cheese. However, even given budget restraints, I’m trying to make do with a meager budget but not meager meals.


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