Quick and Easy

Is all I have energy for these days. Unemployment goes ever ever on, and the need to find creative ways of managing my food/drink intake as well as budget has become a way of life.

However, even in the midst of impending bankruptcy, one must find ways to treat oneself. This is where my makeshift holiday cocktail comes in — it takes two items, one you bought on impulse using a gift card, and one you likely have around your home leftover from a party or an impulse purchase by your roommate which has been dubbed fair game, and combines them with simplicity and magic.

Look at that beautiful creme…

If you, like me, cannot resist the seasonal indulgence of a Starbucks holiday beverage and yet find it a bit on the extreme side of sugar intake, you can request the barista to cut all holiday sweeteners in half. The result is a drink that actually still resembles something other than a sugary punch to your liver. If, also like me, you still find yourself only able to drink 1/4 to 1/2 of this magical sugar concoction, then the remainder of this tastiness ends up in the fridge waiting to be reheated the next day… OR waiting to be turned into a magnificent cocktail of joy.

Put two ice cubes in a shaker, add your cooled beverage, and a healthy shot or two of vodka. Shake and strain and marvel at the wondrous concoction you have created.

Ain’t no shame in a basic ho-ho-ho 😉

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