Just a girl in the world, trying to find balance in food consumption based on the following background:

Lower-middle-class upbringing (and life) — meaning my food budget is never very big, and sometimes it’s next to nothing

Single introvert

Allergies (some): Coconut, tree nuts, shellfish, bananas, sage, cloves, peaches and their ilk (with skins only), egg yolks, tobacco, marijuana, aspartame (and most sugar substitutes), most molds and flowers

Lactose (semi)intolerant — most cheeses and butter are OK, but milk and cream = NOOOOOO


Migraine sufferer (semi-chronic) — triggers include weather/pressure changes, stress, sleep issues, hormonal shifts, heavy-tannin red wines (Merlot is safe, and sometimes Pinot Noir. Rose’s are out.)

Clinical depression


Overweight — yeah, I said it


Bum left knee, cranky left shoulder, and all over chronic back/shoulder/neck pain

Family history of diabetes, fibromyalgia, arthritis, osteoporosis, obesity

Someone who loves to cook for others yet finds cooking for only myself something to be spurned. There’s some anti-self-care psychology working here, I know…


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