Whatever, I Eat What I Want

This is not my intro post. This is not the explanation of why my blog is named what it is. This is not a recipe post. This is just me saying, yeah, I’m taking up some space on the internet for food-related blogging with a dash of health and lifestyle stuff thrown in.

Why my voice? Why another girl screaming into the internet void about food and crap?

Because this ain’t going to be your mama’s cooking blog. Recipes when they come will come with the food details first and my personal shit second. You’re not going to read eight paragraphs of WHY I made something before I give you the recipe. I respect your time too much. You’re not going to get endless preaching about lifestyle choices; see previous sentence re: respect. The recipes I use and info I give is for reference in tracking my own food journey, and in hopes it’ll help people with their own, but I know that everyone is unique and some of what I eat or do with my life you won’t agree with, or won’t fit you. That’s cool.
I’ll provide substitutes on occasion (hell, I may even make a page for themĀ one day), but I also expect most people these days know themselves well enough to know what works for them and what doesn’t.

This will be a blog detailing my journey to continually assess what works for me — because as well as anyone can know themselves, we can (and should) always be prepared to learn more, and for life to change in unexpected ways.

If I haven’t scared you off by now, stick around for some frank, and hopefully fun, thoughts on food, lifestyle, and learning to navigate culinary post-modernity on a budget (with bonus buttload of health issues).

Happy eating!

Table for one…