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Macking Marinara

Wherein I use the term ‘macking’ to talk about people lovin’ on your for your cooking skills.


Simple Experiments

Sometimes adapting recipes is an overachiever game — how many changes can I make so this recipe become uniquely mine?
This often involves a lot of failed experiments asking the way.
Sometimes, though, a splash of this an a dabble of that equals awesome simplicity.
Like this, iced tea with frozen peaches, a splash of orange-mango juice, and a dribble of ginger syrup.


Sweet ’16

2015 did a lot to shape views and goals and outlooks on a lot of things. Heading into 2016, I’m coming out of a clustermess of a final three months of the last year trying to remember who I am and who I want to be. Along those lines, food has either been a gluttonous feast or just shoving whatever I can into my face to keep going.

Craving Oddities

After a week full of way more delivery food than one human should allow themselves, I was determined yesterday to actually cook something. On my way home, I was struck with an instant, powerful craving. I wanted a cheesy chicken dip for dinner. That, and only that, would make me happy.

Inspiring the Senses

I was hunkered down toward the end of a stressful day, trying to hit my daily word count goal. I was writing a dinner scene between two characters and one of them brings dessert — a chocolate raspberry tart. No sooner had I typed those words than my mouth began watering. I froze. I couldn’t move on with the story. I needed that food, and I needed it now.

Fish Virgin (No More)

I was over-chickened and feeling experimental. I’ve got a food blog now, aren’t you supposed to try new things and share your screw ups for all to see? Well, this definitely wasn’t a screw up. As someone who’s not into fishy-fish, I found it really tasty.