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Inspiring the Senses

I was hunkered down toward the end of a stressful day, trying to hit my daily word count goal. I was writing a dinner scene between two characters and one of them brings dessert — a chocolate raspberry tart. No sooner had I typed those words than my mouth began watering. I froze. I couldn’t move on with the story. I needed that food, and I needed it now.


First Recipe Coming Tomorrow…

If I can stop writing fics, following up on emails, and curb the seasonal decorating bug that bit me.


This is what a homemade “meal” looks like when your “relaxing” long weekend is mostly an attempt to catch up on your life outside of the office.

Though that spread on my baguette? That’s a farmhouse cream cheese I discovered that is too delicious for any bagel. Only freshly baked, warm, flaky french breads will do.